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Uses for Coffee Grounds

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OK, so this question has absolutely nothing to do with PCOS, but by a ridiculous coincidence the question has come up three times in the last month, so I’m putting the answer up here anyway!
“What can you do with used coffee grounds other than throw them out?”
1. Roses LOVE them.  When I put lots of coffee grounds around my roses I don’t get aphids (well the roses don’t) and the plants are noticeably much healthier.  My coffee drinking habits wax and wane, so I can notice the difference in the plants.
2. I make my own bath soap and you can add dried out coffee grounds to the soap for a deicious smell and it also exfoliates nicely, strong enough but not like sandpaper.
3. You can add them to bodywash for an exfoliating effect.
4. You can scatter them around slug/snail prone plants like lettuce to deter/kill the pests.  Apparently they don’t like the texture and additionally they absorb the residual caffeine and it kills them.
5. Scatter the coffee grounds around the top of pot plants to neaten the appearance of the soil and provide extra nutrients to the plants.
6. Coffee grounds are quite rich in nitrogen which encourages foliage growth in plants and the growth of bacteria in compost.  Every amino acid contains nitrogen.  You can add the coffee grounds to your compost to supercharge it.
What’s life without a bit of whimsy, and what’s a PCOS website without a spot of organic gardening advice?
Have fun experimenting with your used coffee grounds folks!

Do you know of any other uses for used coffee grounds?  Please leave a comment below and share your wisdom with us.

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