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Thank you for your interest in advertising at My PCOS Info – Solutions to Help You Manage the Symptoms of PCOS.

Why should you sponsor My PCOS Info?

  • My PCOS Info is a well established website going back to 2008 (originally as
  • My PCOS Info has a high level of trust and credibility among the PCOS community.
  • My PCOS Info appeals to women with PCOS or their loved ones who are trying to find reliable, science-based information on the condition with a focus on natural treatment.
  • Each visitor averages 3.7 pages per month, 2.8 per visit.
Some comments left on the site from women with PCOS include:
After intensive research online, I have to say this is the most sensible comprehensive website for PCOS. It should be No. 1, when trying to find the most pertinent helpful non-biased information.
Anne, you have taken the time to help so many women, I can’t thank you enough! I love the postings of new research too. I’m obviously now a fan! Merry
Wow, what an amazing site!! Thank you for all that information. I feel that I can actually take matters into my own hands now! Thanks :)Need Baby Dee
I can’t thank you enough for all your helpful suggestions and support! I am so grateful we found your website and for all your e-mails and all the articles :) I don’t know anyone who does more for women with PCOS than you! I know I should be more active and keep up with the new research, but with all the things happening these last few years it has somehow slipped my mind, so I am so grateful that you are sharing your knowledge and doing that work for me!   Ninette

I am truly happy to read these website posts that convey such an abundance of valuable ideas. Thank you for devoting the time to your following and for referencing your articles with the scientific literature behind them.  Dr Al Bloom

Thank you so very much for your help and support! I have been dealing with PCOS for what feels like a very long time and was repeatedly told by doctors that the contraceptive pill was the only way to deal with it. I never understood what I had or that there was a natural way to deal with it until your website and your very insightful emails :)Kat

Tonight I went to a new doctor who recommended I visit your website to read about for a pcos problem I’ve have for 15 years. I’m at the stage in life where I want to try and fall pregnant. I haven’t had a period in years….  Melissa


If this is the kind of audience you would also like to target with health-related advertising, then please consider advertising on the site.

If you are interested in other PR opportunities and product reviews or have any other advertising queries or proposals please contact me directly via the contact page.


As at July 2013

  • Unique Visitors 2,750 per month and rising by 19% per month (Source: Quantcast)
  • Page Views 8,000+ per month and rising by 12% per month (Source: Quantcast)
  • No of Articles: 200 +
  • No of Comments: 200 +
  • Twitter followers 200+
  • Google Page Rank 3
  • Safety Ranking 100/100
  • Country breakdown: 39% US, 7.5% Canada, 15.5%  UK, 6% Australia, 32% rest of world.
  • Alexa Ranking c. 4,650,000


My PCOS info readers are typically well-educated, caucasian women between the ages of 18 & 54.

  • 84% of visitors are female,
  • 81% are within the ages of 18 and 54,
  • 74% are caucasian,
  • 63% are college graduates.


Advertising offer and prices

Banner advertising is for periods of 6 or 12 months paid in advance. The rate for 12 months below includes a 10% discount. Only family friendly and health-related advertising is accepted. Payment is through Paypal or by direct deposit.  Rates are quoted in USD.

Advertising is accepted for a minimum of 6 months, but current advertisers will always be offered renewal at the end of the agreed term, at the current price.

Banners or widgets will appear on all pages including the Home page, although on request they may appear only on certain pages.  The sidebar is 200 pixels wide.

200 x 100 rectangular sidebar banner – $30 per month

What you get: Your 200 (W) x 100 (H) pixel banner in the prime position in the sidebar, shown on all pages including the home page.
Cost: $180  for 6 months, $324 for 12 months.




200 x 150 rectangular sidebar banner – $45 per month

What you get: Your 200 (W) x 150 (H) pixel banner in the prime position in the sidebar, shown on all pages including the home page.
Cost: $270  for 6 months, $ 486 for 12 months





200 x 200 rectangular sidebar banner – $60 per month

What you get: Your 200 (W) x 200 (H) pixel banner in the prime position in the sidebar, shown on all pages including the home page.
Cost: $360  for 6 months, $648 for 12 months




728 x 90 rectangular pagewidth banner – $ 120 per month

What you get: Your 728 (W) x 90 (H) pixel banner at the top of the page across the entire site
Cost: $720 for 6 months, or $1300  for 12 months


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Sponsor an article (including a 728 x 90 pagewidth banner above the fold on that page) – $320 per year

It takes a lot of time to research the latest developments in PCOS research, translate that information into everyday language and reference each relevant study.  By sponsoring an article you can help support making this information readily available to those who need to see it.

What you get: Your 728 (W) x 90 (H) pixel banner above the fold within the article you are sponsoring.

Cost: $320 per year ($26.67 per month)


Other sizes may be quoted on request.

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