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Special Offer: Save on Discounted D Chiro Inositol Delivered Automatically Each Month

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Do you find that your health comes last after all the other priorities of life and looking after others?  Do you forget to order the supplements you need to stay on top of PCOS?  Do you have trouble budgeting for the cost of DCI?

I’d like to offer you a convenient solution to that problem AND a big discount to encourage you.

Receive a 36 gram packet of DCI every month for only $55 AUD taken automatically out of your Paypal account each month.  No payment fees.  No extra postage charges.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, just click the button below to ’subscribe’ to regular DCI shipment.

Save yourself time and $10 a month.



Click Subscribe to join.

Need more than 1200mg a day?  Select another amount:

Need to take 1800 mg a day?  Select 54g per month.

Need to take 2400 mg a day?  Select 72g per month.


Select the amount of DCI you need each month using the down arrow
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