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What’s new and interesting in the field of PCOS Research? Read on …

Telomere length of chromosomes associated with PCOS pathophysiology

Women with PCOS More Likely to Have an Abnormal Placenta Whilst Pregnant

New Research Ties Genetic Defect to Both PCOS and Insulin Resistance

Regimen of Light Which Replicates Moon Cycle Regulates Ovulation and Menstruation

Can a Vaccine Cure Obesity?

Researchers Isolate Gene in Rice Which Determines Glcycaemic Index

Napping During the Day Increases Risk of High Blood Sugar

A Possible New Cause Of PCOS Has Been Identified

Plant Extract Has Potential as Hair Growth Promoter

Gut Flora Plays a Role in Body Weight

6 Minutes of Short Burst Activity a Week Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Storing Potatoes in the Refrigerator Lowers their Glycaemic Index

Tart Cherries Reduce Central Obesity

Dark Chocolate Reduces Insulin Resistance

Apples Lower the Body’s Insulin Requirement

Blueberries Increase Insulin Sensitivity

Raw, Grass-Fed Cow’s Milk Reduces Insulin Resistance

Too Much or Too Little Sleep Affects Risk of Impaired Glucose Tolerance

Nutrition Makes a Difference in PCOS

Manganese Doubles the Efficacy of D Chiro Inositol

Low Carb or Low Fat Diet – Which is More Beneficial for PCOS?

The Link Between PCOS and Lesbian Women

Artificial Sweeteners

BPA Exposure in Womb Linked to Increased Anxiety, Depression & Hyperactivity in Girls

Dietary Changes Make a Difference in PCOS

Disordered Sleep Increases Risk of Impaired Glucose Tolerance

Electroacupuncture More Effective Than Physical Exercise in Reducing PCOS Markers

False Daisy Extract Stimulates Hair Growth

Gut Flora Plays a Role In Body Weight

Inflammation May Trigger Insulin Resistance

Isoleucine Improves Metabolism & Weight Loss

Protein Secreted by Fat Tissue the Key to Obesity

Top Plants with Insulin Activity

Why Organic Food is Important

PCOS is Twice as Prevalent in Lesbian Women

 The Link Between Alzheimer’s disease and Type III Diabetes

 Scientists find insulin sensitivity gene, may lead to new diabetes treatments

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