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Buy supplements which can help with PCOS.  The amount listed is the recommended dose for one month.  To order more than a month’s supply, adjust the quantity in the checkout.

Minimum order quantities:

  • D-chiro inositol (DCI) – no minimum order, domestically or internationally.
  • Australian domestic orders – $50 minimum.
  • International orders – $100 minimum.


DCI D-chiro-inositol for PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  D-chiro inositol information page

  DCI information brochure (PDF)

  What is DCI?

  How does d-chiro inositol work?

  Buy DCI from just $30 - expiry of current batch is September 2018.



Buy Vitex Agnus Castus for PCOS


  How can vitex agnus castus help in PCOS?

  Buy vitex agnus castus 400 mg capsules from just $56 for 3 months supply





Glucorein PCOS Buy Now

  How can Glucorein PCOS help in PCOS?

  Learn about the ingredients in Glucorein PCOSChlorogenic Acid and L-cysteine

  Glucorein HOP has replaced Glucorein PCOS.  It is now in capsule form and the formula has been changed.  Contrary to the information initially provided by NVN Therapeutics, each dose only contains 500 mg of chlorogenic acid, not 1000 mg, and it is from a green coffee bean extract standardised to only 50% chlorogenic acid, not 98%, which means that it would also contain a significant amount of caffeine.  My PCOS Info is no longer associated with NVN Therapeutics or Glucorein.  The active ingredients in Glucorein are available individually for a far more economical price.  The research into PCOS has been performed on N-acetylcysteine, a stable precursor to L-cysteine rather than L-cysteine which oxidises too easily to make it a practical option for supplementation. NAC is widely available as a supplement.  



Myo-inositol for PCOS fertility egg quality


  How can myo-inositol help in PCOS?

  Buy myo-inositol from just $15 



Buy organic green tea powder matcha


  How can green tea help in PCOS?

  Buy organic green tea powder (matcha) from just $9)





Buy Australian Freeze Dried Ginger Powder


  How can ginger help in PCOS?

  Buy freeze-dried Australian ginger powder from just $22.50 





Buy Organic Turmeric Powder for PCOS



  How can turmeric help in PCOS?

  Buy organic turmeric powder from just $5



Buy Organic Cinnamon Powder


  How can cinnamon help in PCOS?

  Buy organic cinnamon powder from just $5



Buy Vitamin D 10000 IU capsules



  How can vitamin D help in PCOS?

  Buy vitamin D 10,000 IU capsules from just $5



Magnesium Chloride Flakes for PCOS


  How can magnesium help in PCOS?

  Buy magnesium chloride flakes from just $10


Buy Manganese 50 mg capsules for PCOS DCI


  How can manganese help in PCOS?

  Manganese doubles the efficacy of DCI

  Buy manganese capsules from just $10

Buy Chromium picolinate 500 mcg capsules for PCOS


How can chromium help in PCOS?

  Buy chromium picolinate capsules from just $10




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