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There are many different treatments out there for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and all the many charming symptoms that it can cause or has been associated with.  Let’s find out a bit about some of them:

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3 comments to Treatments

  • Melissa

    Hi Anne, It’s melr83 from ebay just wondering how much you are selling a months worth of D Chiro Inositol? and if it’s power or Tablets?

    Thanks again, Mel

  • A month’s worth of DCI is different for everyone – it all depends on
    how much you want to take. Some people are sticking with the old
    guidelines of 1200 mg a day, others are going for the more
    individualised dosage of 20 mg per kg of bodyweight. I personally
    take the latter as I’ve heard that results are quicker.

    I charge $30 AUD for 18 grams of pure powder. It’s not in capsules -
    it’s a sweet tasting granular substance very similar to caster sugar
    and I for one am sick of taking pills! It’s quite easy to take …
    The scoop from a 20 g bottle of Nirvana brand stevia extract measures
    out exactly 100 mg of DCI (and I am in negotiations to order them in
    from the US, but it’s taking a while). 1/8 teaspoon is 500 mg of DCI
    and a 1/4 teaspoon 1000 mg.

    18 grams will last you
    15 days if you take 1200 mg per day (suitable for a 60 kg woman at
    the recommended therapeutic dosage)
    30 days if you take 600 mg per day (suitable for 60 kg woman at the
    lowest dosage)
    9 days if you take 2000 mg per day (suitable for 100 kg woman at
    the recommended therapeutic dosage)

    Postage within Australia is $3.40 for a Registered Post envelope which
    is insured for $100 and will take up to 7 packets of DCI.

  • Angela

    Hey! Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. I feel much more confident about how to approach this new diagnosis now and am hopeful that with a healthy diet, regular exercise and DCI, I will be able to live a normal life. Thank yo so much for sharing all your expertise. I wish my doctor was a knowlegeable as you are!

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