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Spironolactone is a diuretic drug (makes you lose water) which also happens to have anti-androgenic properties (inhibits male hormones).  It is marketed under several names including Aldactazide, Aldactone, Berlactone, Novo-Spiractin, Spiroton, Spirotone and Verospiron.

It is sometimes prescribed to treat some of the symptoms of PCOS, like excess hair growth, acne and loss of head hair.

It’s essentially a synthetic steroid and it changes the electrolyte balance in your body, such as reducing the rate at which potassium is excreted and decreases the rate that water and sodium are reabsorbed.

It has quite a lot of side effects and has been found to be carcinogenic in mice and causes birth defects in male babies. For this reason, it’s extremely important to make sure you don’t conceive whilst you are taking spironolactone. It can also interfere with antidepressants.

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5 comments to Spironolactone

  • Swati

    I wanna try Spiro but don’t want to go for BCP. I have heard that taking spiro only will mess up the periods. Could you comment?

  • My PCOS Info

    My understanding is that birth control pills are usually prescribed with spironolactone to reduce the likelihood of pregnancy due to the incredibly severe side effects that spironolactone can cause to a developing male foetus.

    Any dysregulation of the menstrual cycle from spiro, should it occur at all, should be quite mild and only last for a few cycles.

  • Swati

    I’m not TTC. So, Can I take Spiro alone?

  • My PCOS Info

    You need to be very, very careful not to fall pregnant whilst you are on spironolactone. There is no need to take birth control with spiro, but most doctors won’t consider it even if the patient is celibate, without birth control. You also need to be aware that spiro is a strong drug, does have some side effects and does not treat the cause of PCOS, nor reduce the cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors.

    D-chiro inositol does appear to address the cause of PCOS as well as treating the symptoms. If you would like copies of any of the studies on DCI and PCOS to read or discuss with your doctor, just let me know and I will be happy to forward them on to you.

    With respect to spironolactone, you should speak to your doctor about it, as you will need a prescription in any case.

  • Mary Del Carlo

    Yes I would like copies of any of the studies on DCI and PCOS to read or discuss with my doctor.

    Thanks, Mary

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